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Dungeons of the Spire (DotS)is a party dungeon crawler server on The Spire Network. This incredible Minecraft RPG server features a fully-fledged campaign, unique 3D modeled boss fights, puzzles & parkour. With a unique visual overhaul, Dungeons of the Spire features hundreds of 3D weapons and armor to give the game an original and classic feel. Partying up, you and four friends can take on compelling and exciting dungeons unlike ever before in Minecraft. This Minecraft dungeon server features highly competitive elements like speed runs and scoreboards to challenge its players. Westworld is the ultimate roleplaying experience. Travel back to the Old West of 1885 and be whoever you want to be. Rob banks, start a town, explore, hunt, or start a family. Be an outlaw or a sheriff. Explore a vast land, encounter numerous animals, people, and breathtaking locations. Choose from a plethora of creatures to hunt and sell, pan the river for nuggets of gold and silver, or catch and sell your fish in a variety of ways. With a working steam train, old-timey guns, and an in-depth character creation system, the possibilities are endless. Dungeons of the spire is a MMO ran by elmo