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Welcome to the official wiki of The Spire Network. This compendium of knowledge is written and maintained by our Staff Members. Here in the 'Spirepedia', you will find information all about our current and upcoming game-modes, as well as links to our social media, store page, and discord community. If you'd like to find a way to contribute, please get in touch with one of the admins in the discord! We're always looking for developers, builders, wiki editors, and so much more! Use the navigation bar to the side in order to easily find your way to important information. However, if you're looking for a specific page, please use the search bar to the top right. Suggestions are always welcomed, as they can help improve the quality of our community and games.

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Dungeons of the Spire is a party dungeon crawler server on The Spire Network. This incredible Minecraft RPG server features a fully-fledged campaign, unique 3D modeled boss fights, puzzles & parkour. With a unique visual overhaul, Dungeons of the Spire features hundreds of 3D weapons and armor to give the game an original and classic feel. Partying up, you and four friends can take on compelling and exciting dungeons unlike ever before in Minecraft. This Minecraft dungeon server features highly competitive elements like speed runs and scoreboards to challenge its players.
Westworld is the ultimate roleplaying experience. Travel back to the Old West of 1885 and be whoever you want to be. Rob banks, start a town, explore, hunt, or start a family. Be an outlaw or a sheriff. Explore a vast land, encounter numerous animals, people, and breathtaking locations. Choose from a plethora of creatures to hunt and sell, pan the river for nuggets of gold and silver, or catch and sell your fish in a variety of ways. With a working steam train, old-timey guns, and an in-depth character creation system, the possibilities are endless.

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Feudal Conquest is a hardcore base-building and raiding gamemode set in the dark ages. One island, scarce resources, limited land and lots of enemies. Team up with friends to build your empire, specialize in different skills that contribute to your growing Kingdom. Raid and conquer your enemies using tactics and weapons unlike Minecraft has ever seen. Will you be a powerful ruler or a useless sewer rat, this player-driven world is dangerous and only you are capable of altering your fate.
Explore the vast wasteland scavenging for all you can find. Guns, food, armor – because everything is precious. With the right amount of mined scrap and oil you could travel by motorbike or car to speed up the survival process. But be cautious, other players might want what you’ve got and you’ll need faster vehicles, stronger weapons and smarter tactics if you plan on lasting long in this post-apocalyptic world of explosions and chaos.