10 Free Things To Do On Your Bali Trip

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A mesmerizing island with all its royal mountains, sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and emerald rice fields, Bali is a fantasy destination for tourists and travellers from all over the world. However, travelling to beaches such as these popular locations can be a bit expensive and this disheartens many people to visit their dreams. Honestly, no one wants to spend all their savings just for the sake of some quality moments - that is unfair!

But your worry is solved - we present to with our Bali tour bali giá rẻ package 10 amazing things to do in Bali which wouldn't leave a hole in your pocket. The real deal is here, so why opt for pricey subscriptions?

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● Desa Temukus - lose yourself in golden garden : It is blue if the Desa Temukus nearby ocean couldn't captivate you but it is as golden as sunlight when the sea of this garden mesmerizes you with her alluring beauty and dazzling spectacle. "Gemitir" or marigold is the limelight of this place for years. Besakih Temple, one of the recognized as well as the holiest sanctuaries in Bali, is located close to this paradise. Balinese people plant these flowers for offerings. This doesn't end here. Move a few kilometers forward and a snowy Eden is awaiting you - the garden of Kasna flowers. Visiting in the harvest season will be a feast to your eyes.

● Desa Musi - thrill among cliffs and rocks : Musi village is where you want to go to experience for a fascinating adventure - a secret waterfall crashing majestically into a pool of nature. It is concealed from the outside world and hence gives off a mystical aura of enchantment. To reach there, asking directions from locals is the only way. The village itself is also a place for a refreshment.

● Bukit Belong - flowing expanse of greenery : What can be a more alluring solution than to spend some quality time over a branch of a tree, gazing at the tall grasses over the windy mountain kissing the blue sky amidst the fiery beams of fluffy clouds? It is a domain of rice terraces reaching till the end of the horizon. To add more excitement, you have to take a short trek of 150 meters to the hill for this visual reward.

● Campuhan Ridge - ideal for romance : A dinner date is nice but better is to take a dreamy short trek with your partner among the rice fields, offbeat Indonesian huts and extravagant villas. This ridge walk is perfect when you start in the early morning. Of your 2.5 km walk, kynghidongduong.vn butterflies will be your escorting members.

● Nyang Nyang Beach - mission accomplished : Is it fair to go to Bali without dwelling in the beach? The white sands guarded by a mighty green cliff is what you want to seek to explore in solitude and tranquility. This secluded little beach is a heaven for surfing, relaxing and adventure.

● Suluban Beach - treasure hunting : You know this place for surfing but do you know of the enigma of the Suluban Cave? When you visit here, it will not be surprising if you get a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe which is both mysterious and mystical. Uluwatu Temple is located near this beach and you should definitely have a visit there to behold an incredible sea place of worship.

● Nusa Dua - overpowering side of nature : Indian ocean with all her magnificence is clashing and crashing over the rock cliffs with her mighty roar! How many of us are so fortunate to behold this terrific sight? It seems hard but not impossible. The rock cliff which is hidden in Nusa Dua allows you to witness this one of the rarest bold feats of nature.

● Tegal Wangi Beach - Earth's jacuzzi : This gorgeous seascape is what you want to have a taste of for a lovely evening in peace, with the sun saying goodbye for that day. The whole sky is reddish-gold and you are in your nature's private tub formed by fresh seawater with a glass of wine to view this amazing show.

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● Love Anchor - a Bali hipster vibe : Let's get into the hustling bustling life of the people in this market area for a change. An array of restaurants, hotels, shops, vendors and stores with illuminating lights creating a lulling atmosphere and cheerful people. Fashion, accessories, trinkets - anything you want, find them right here.

● TCEC - friendship with turtles : Located on Seregan Island, the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre is a place for excitement and gushing. Holding turtles, watching baby turtles hatch, seeing turtles of different shapes, sizes and colours moving about and playing in the observation pools - this is a must-have in your to-do list if you are an animal lover.

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